APFC’s Commitment to Invest and Manage the Fund

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Together, APFC’s resilient team of talented professionals continue to do the work that Alaskans, our global financial partners, and ourselves demand – Invest and manage the Alaska Permanent Fund for the intergenerational benefit of all Alaskans.

Built on a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise, APFC is strengthened by the sum of its parts. Our culture incorporates the values that unite us, and we remain invested with Alaskans.  Each and every day, APFC is committed to bringing forth our vision – to deliver outstanding returns for the benefit of all current and future generations of Alaskans.

The energy of transition inspires action, and APFC’s Board and staff remain deeply committed to continuing the vital work necessary to prudently manage and grow the Permanent Fund.

Ultimately, we are deeply grateful for the enduring support of our fellow Alaskans and our partners, who like us, want to see Alaska’s largest, renewable financial resource succeed at providing for generations to come.