APFC is committed to meeting the performance objectives established by the Board of Trustees and achieving the goals set forth in APFC’s Strategic Plan to develop and fully implement best-in-class asset allocation and asset class investment capabilities to produce target long-term total returns. Our investment performance and financial results are disclosed through monthly and annual reports.

Permanent Fund Value

Permanent Fund Return

Total Fund Value

as of March 31, 2024




Unrealized Gains: $12.8B

ERA Uncommitted


+ Committed FY25 POMV $3.7B
+ FY24 Inflation Proofing $1.4B + Unrealized Gains $1.8B

Rate of Return

FYTD AS OF February 29, 2024


8.40% over 5 years


Assets Under Management

Unaudited, as of market close on Monday April 22, 2024

The daily market values reflect all assets in the portfolio and their market valuations on a given day. The totals below have deducted investment-related liabilities, like pending purchases. They do not reflect APFC’s obligations, such as income distributable to the General Fund and operating expenses, which are reported on the monthly financial statements. Additionally, these values are adjusted to reflect only the Permanent Fund valuations without the Power Cost Equalization Endowment Fund and Alaska Mental Health Trust financials.


Monday April 22, 2024





Private Equity


Real Estate


Private Income and Infrastructure


Absolute Return


Tactical Opportunities


Risk Parity






Fund Value

The Total Fund Value is comprised of the Principal (non-spendable) and the Earnings Reserve Account (spendable). The Fund market value, which is based upon the previous day’s market close, fluctuates daily based on the current market conditions. Monthly financial statements reflect the current value of the Fund. An annual report is produced at the end of each fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) which contains year end Fund values, performance and audit information. 

HISTORICAL Values of PRINCIPAL & Earnings Reserve

HISTORICAL Values of PRINCIPAL & Earnings Reserve

Growth of the Fund

All dollars in millions

Components of Principal