Our vision is to deliver outstanding returns for the benefit of all current and future generations of Alaskans.

Our staff includes renowned professionals from across the globe who are truly passionate about the part they play in this unique organization. APFC is recognized as the United States’ leading sovereign wealth fund and is highly regarded throughout the global investment community as well as within the great state of Alaska.


INTEGRITY: We act in an honorable, respectful, professional manner that continually earns and justifies the trust and confidence of each other and those we serve.

STEWARDSHIP: We are committed to wisely investing and protecting the assets, resources, and information with which we have been entrusted.

PASSION: We are driven to excellence through self-improvement, innovative solutions, and an open, creative culture; and are energized by the challenges and rewards of serving Alaskans.

APFC Named 2022 Best Places to Work in Money Management

The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (APFC) was named Pensions & Investments 2022 Best Places to Work in Money Management, winning this prestigious title for the second year in a row.

United by the shared values of integrity, stewardship, and passion, the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation is committed to safeguarding, prudently managing and investing the assets of the Permanent Fund in service to Alaska and partners worldwide. Through a flexible workplace structure, staff are empowered to focus on achieving their best as individuals, while contributing to building a strong and collaborative culture in support of their mission-driven work.

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Our team is given the freedom and responsibility to make meticulously vetted decisions that have immediate and long term impact to the Fund. We offer a challenging environment that encourages professional growth and recognizes individual accomplishments. Thoughtful and sometimes spirited dialogue with key decision makers is common in the hallways and everyone here plays a critical role in the success of the organization. Every door is open and we truly value input and ideas from everyone on the team. The team we have built here truly embraces life in the Last Frontier. When we’re not here at the office, you might find us at one of the delicious restaurants downtown, skiing, hiking, trail running, or halibut and salmon fishing, all within minutes of work and home.


Juneau residents rank quality of life as the number one reason they live here. From the moment you step off the plane it is easy to see that Juneau is one of the best kept secrets in the country. Beautiful forested mountains, glaciers, flowing rivers, and ocean channels are around every turn. With minimal traffic, no pollution, and some of the cleanest water you will ever have, Juneau is just secluded enough to balance small town charm with a strong political and economic presence. What is it like to live and work here? For many it is the chance of a lifetime to escape the hassles/stresses of city life, live more simply, and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime. Traffic in Juneau is negligible relative to the average large city; the average commute is just 7-12 minutes. This can save you up to 130 hours (almost 17 work days) a year spent commuting. What an incredible opportunity to work with a dynamic progressive organization while maintaining exceptional work life balance.


Built on the foundation of trust and respect, we have experts from all over the world working together to challenge the status quo and provide insight in to the investment landscape that is uniquely APFC. We take a great deal of pride in our cultural diversity and will continue to build our organization with an emphasis on expanding our diverse team.


APFC has two programs available to qualifying Alaska students to gain relevant experience in investment management and finance.


Each year APFC selects two interns for a 12-13 week internship program working in our corporate headquarters; both internships provide exposure to the daily operations of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation. The Investment and Research Internship provides an introduction to the actual workings of the investment industry and hands-on experience, and the Accounting Internship provides an introduction to the basic principles of investment accounting and hands-on accounting experience. These opportunities are open for application around the first of the year and are exclusively for students with direct ties to Alaska.


Through our External Manager Internship Program, APFC works in conjunction with several of our external managers and partners to provide more opportunities for students seeking hands-on experience. APFC facilitates the intern candidate pools for our External Managers. The length of the internship is dependent upon the External Managers organization policies. Candidates must have direct ties to Alaska and a keen interest in working with APFC’s managers. These internships are typically in Alaska, California, Massachusetts, New York and Texas.