Fund Management

The Alaska Permanent Fund is a globally recognized sovereign wealth fund, established in 1976 by Alaskans to preserve and convert the State’s non-renewable oil and mineral wealth into a renewable financial resource for all generations of Alaskans.
The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation was created by the Alaska State Legislature in 1980 as an independent state entity tasked with the mission to manage and invest the assets of the Permanent Fund and other funds designated by law.

Making Money for Alaska

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APFC Mission, Vision and values

APFC's Board of Trustees and Staff are unified in our commitment to promoting and adhering to the principles of transparency, accountability, and prudent investment practices in managing the Alaska Permanent Fund.   Our APFC team is comprised of professionals in the fields of accounting, operations, information technology, administration, communications, risk, general counsel, and public and private investments.

Our model is based on strong governance with expert board leadership, partnering with best-in-class asset managers, direct investing by world-class teams, and the ability to attract and retain top professional talent. This competitive advantage allows us to make strategic, efficient investment decisions.

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Managing the Permanent Fund

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Board of Trustees

APFC operates as a separate state entity under the oversight of an  independent, professional Board of Trustees, who serve as fiduciaries of the Fund. The Board sets investment policy, reviews  the portfolio’s performance, and works with management to determine APFC’s strategic direction.

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Board members stand outside for group photo in Anchorage, Alaska

Investment of the Fund

APFC works to benefit all Alaskans through our responsible  stewardship of the Permanent Fund.

Our diversified portfolio of public and private market investments is designed to provide a long-term, risk-adjusted return of 5% plus consumer price index ("CPI") to deliver on our mandate to provide a renewable resource that benefits all generations of Alaskans.

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APFC's Finance team is an essential component of APFC, providing accountability and transparency to the work we do investing the Fund. 

In our commitment to transparency, the Finance Team periodically issues reports for public review:


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Financial Statements

Statements show the assets, liabilities, and Fund balance of the Alaska Permanent Fund for the current month closing date and the previous fiscal year-end, as well as details regarding the income and expenses of the Fund.

History and Projections Report

A summary that provides a 10-year historical lookback and a 10-year projection of the Fund's deposits, income, and withdrawals.

Performance Report

These reports include market values and performance return information for the Total Fund and each of the Asset Classes.