Welcome, Trustee Deven Mitchell, to APFC’s Board

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APFC welcomes the Acting Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Revenue, Deven Mitchell, to the Board of Trustees.

Trustee Mitchell has long familiarity with the Fund and notes, “As a lifelong Alaskan, the importance of Alaska’s Permanent Fund has been clear to me since Governor Hammond described the potential to my third-grade class in the Capitol back in 1976.  It is truly a privilege to be able to serve as a Trustee for Alaska’s Permanent Fund Corporation”.

Trustee Mitchell brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to APFC, having worked at several Alaskan financial institutions and for the Alaska Department of Revenue since 1992. His leadership and service as the Executive Director and Treasurer of the Alaska Municipal Bond Bank Authority, a public corporation of the State, provide a solid foundation of fiduciary duty.

The APFC Board is composed of six governor-appointed Trustees. Per Alaska statute, two members must be heads of principal departments of state government, one of whom shall be the Commissioner of Revenue. Four public members fill the remaining seats with staggered, four-year terms.

APFC thanks outgoing Vice-Chair Mahoney, the former Commissioner of Revenue, for her years of public service and contributions to APFC and the State of Alaska.