APFC Welcomes Trustee Rubenstein and Trustee Brune

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The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (APFC) welcomes Gabrielle “Ellie” Rubenstein and Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Jason Brune to the APFC Board of Trustees. Their service on the Board commences on July 1, 2022.

As CEO and Co-Founder of an investment firm, Trustee Rubenstein brings extensive private equity, investment management and corporate experience to the Board. Trustee Rubenstein also supports numerous organizations and initiatives through her family office and dedicates countless hours volunteering with the Red Cross of Alaska.

“The Alaska Permanent Fund is a globally recognized sophisticated investor. I am humbled and honored to serve on the Board. I look forward to getting to know the Trustees and Staff and working with them in service to the people of Alaska.” ~ Trustee Rubenstein

Trustee Brune has served as the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner since December 2018. Trustee Brune brings to the Board a wealth of knowledge on Alaska’s resources, the foundation of the Alaska Permanent Fund. Previously he served in various public and private roles throughout Alaska, primarily related to resource development and land management.

“Having been part of resource development in Alaska for decades, it is a tremendous honor to serve on the Board of Trustees. Through managing the Fund, the role that APFC holds in converting a portion of the State’s royalty wealth into a financial resource for generations of Alaskans is stewardship at its best.” ~ Trustee Brune

The APFC Board is composed of six governor-appointed Trustees. Per Alaska statute, two members must be heads of principal departments of state government, one of whom shall be the Commissioner of Revenue. Four public members fill the remaining seats with staggered, four-year terms. Governor Dunleavy appointed Trustee Brune, in his role as Commissioner, to one of the two seats on the Board reserved for heads of principal departments of state government. Trustee Rubenstein is appointed to serve a four-year public member term starting July 1, 2022. She will fill the public seat previously held by William “Bill” Moran, who retired from the Board after 16 continuous years of service.

APFC welcomes our new Trustees and remains ever grateful for the dedicated service and countless contributions of Trustee Moran and Trustee Corri Feige, the departing Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources. As fiduciaries of the Fund, we thank them for their public service to the State of Alaska, the people of Alaska, and the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation. Building upon the Corporation’s honored legacy of past Trustees, their knowledge and lasting contributions will continue to guide future leaders in the prudent stewardship of the Fund.