Annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees

In Board of Trustees by Juliette Alldredge

The Annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees was held to review the investment performance of the Alaska Permanent Fund for Fiscal Year 2023 (FY23). The Board also adopted the report of the annual third-party audit, advanced the strategic planning discussion to set the stage for a special meeting of the board in October, learned about generative technologies, and received market perspectives on the Real Estate portfolio from APFC staff and external investment partners.

In aggregate, the total Fund’s performance for the long term was favorable. Over the past 10-year period, the total Fund returned 8.42%, which exceeded the Board’s target return objective of 7.72%, the passive index of 5.89%, and the peer performance benchmark of 7.54%. However, in FY23, the total Fund’s performance of 5.18% did not meet the target return objective of 7.97% and underperformed the passive benchmark of 8.78% and the performance benchmark of 5.74%.

Fund's Long-Term Investment Performance Graph

Learn more about the Alaska Permanent Fund and the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation’s strategies, investments, and financial audit in the 2023 Annual Report – Trusted For Generations.

Full news release is available here.