Alaska Permanent Fund Returns -3.19% for the first half of FY19

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The Alaska Permanent Fund’s (Fund) investments fell 3.19% in value in the first half of fiscal year 2019 (FY19) and the Fund ended December 31, 2018 with net assets under management totaling $60.4 billion, comprised of $43.7 billion in the Principal of the Fund and $16.6 billion in the Earnings Reserve Account.  Despite a significant decline in US and international stock markets, the Alaska Permanent Fund mitigated these public market dips due to its diversified approach to investing.

Angela Rodell, Chief Executive Officer, notes that “within a long term investment horizon, it is anticipated that the global markets will go up and down – it is part of the buying – selling – trading process of the portfolio’s holdings. And while we invest with the intent that they go up more than they go down, there are going to be dips.  Our team is poised to take advantage of those market dips.”

201902_APFC FY19 Q2 Performance