$81.9 B Final FY21 End of Year Permanent Fund Value

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APFC Board of Trustees’ Audit Committee reviewed the FY21 audited financial statements confirming a fiscal year-end Fund value of $81.9 billion resulting from an all-time portfolio performance high-mark of 29.73% for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021.

Since its inception through FY21, the Permanent Fund has seen an annualized return of 9.12% and paid out more than $33.9 billion to current generations of Alaskans through transfers to the State’s General Fund and Dividend Appropriations.

A full analysis and review of Permanent Fund activity and performance will be discussed at the APFC Board of Trustees Annual Meeting in Kodiak and via webinar, and published in the APFC Annual Report available on September 28. APFC Board and Committee information is available at https://apfc.org/the-board-of-trustees/board-of-trustees-meetings/.

July 2021 Financial Statements are also now available.

July 1 marked the beginning of Fiscal Year 2022, the change from the end of FY21 total Fund value of $81.9 billion to the July 31 value of $79.3 billion is due to the FY22 POMV appropriation moving out of the Earnings Reserve Account within Total Fund Balance and into the liabilities section of the Fund.  The Fund also had positive revenues and received royalties in the first month of the new fiscal year.  The FY23 POMV draw is now reflected as a commitment to the ERA.

July financial statements show the Fund’s total value was $79.3 billion.

The Principal totaled $66.2 billion, consisting of two parts:

$51.0 billion in permanent savings contributions (includes the $4 billion FY22 special appropriation)
$15.2 billion in unrealized gains

The Earnings Reserve Account totaled $13.1 billion, consisting of three parts:

$6.7 billion of uncommitted realized earnings
$3.4 billion of committed realized earnings to the FY23 POMV draw
$3.0 billion in unrealized gains