An Alaskan's Guide to the Strategic Direction of APFC & the Fund

APFC's 2024

Strategic Plan

In Building an Organization that Sets the Standard for Endowment-Style Sovereign Wealth Funds, the Trustees adopted a four-year strategic plan to achieve best-in-class performance utilizing skill, expertise, and prudent portfolio management strategy to invest the Fund to benefit Alaskans and committed to ongoing education.

  • Grow the Fund to $100 Billion
  • Improve Corporate Functionality
  • Advance Comprehensive Communications Plan
  • Review and Assess Optimal Structure of the Alaska Permanent Fund
Growing the Fund to $100 Billion

The Board of Trustees is seeking a future milestone of growing the Permanent Fund to $100 billion in assets under management (AUM) to maximize risk-adjusted returns. The goal is to help ensure the Fund’s long-term sustainability, mitigate any depletion of revenue from oil or other sources, and provide financial benefits for generations of Alaskans. APFC will achieve this milestone through disciplined investing and maintaining a robust foundation of resources to support APFC’s talent, systems, and culture. The following methods will be used to achieve this goal.

APFC 2024
Strategic PlaN

Four-Year Plan - to be reviewed annually
Adopted by the Board of Trustees - February 16, 2024