Permanent Fund up 4.9 percent

AUG 20 - The Alaska Permanent Fund’s investments gained 4.9 percent in fiscal year 2015, ahead of the performance benchmark return of -1.4 percent, according to preliminary figures released today. The Fund ended June 30 with a value of $52.8 billion after accounting for the Permanent Fund Dividend transfer. These favorable relative results are consistent with three and ten-year returns, and were achieved with generally less risk than the benchmark.

unaudited, as of Sep 2, 2015
US Bonds$9,231,100,000
US Stocks$5,843,800,000
Non US Stocks$8,503,200,000
Global Stocks$5,593,000,000
Non-US Bonds$1,052,700,000
Real Estate$5,994,700,000
Real Return/External CIO$2,151,800,000
Sep 29-30, 2015 Anchorage
Dec 08-09, 2015 Anchorage