Alaska’s Renewable Revenue – High School Curriculum

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Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation Launches Statewide Curriculum 

JUNEAU – Underscoring its commitment to educating Alaskans, the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (APFC) has partnered with the Alaska Resource Education (ARE) to create The Permanent Fund: Alaska’s Renewable Revenue. It’s a curriculum with engaging lessons and ready-to-go activity kits for Alaska’s educators to teach students about the Permanent Fund: Alaska’s Renewable Revenue.

“With an enduring dedication to our Alaskan stakeholders, we are pleased to announce the introduction of our high school curriculum,” noted APFC Board Chair Ethan Schutt. “This is a meaningful step forward, building upon the vision and direction of the Board to support our Alaska Youth in learning about the Alaska Permanent Fund.”

As part of the official launch in March, APFC is providing ready-to-go activity kits to the first 50 Alaska educators who sign up for the curriculum training.

Press Release - APFC Launches Statewide Curriculum Feb. 29, 2024