FY22 Annual Report: Perspectives

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The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation is viewed through many lenses – an investor, an accountant, a manager, a leader, a steward, a student, an Alaskan – each bringing a unique perspective on the value and potential of the Alaska Permanent Fund, a world-class financial resource.

At APFC, our passion for investing, decades of financial experience, and steadfast commitment to our fellow Alaskans all contribute to protecting the Alaska Permanent Fund. Amidst the recent inflationary pressures and economic volatility affecting global markets, prudent management remains, as always, an essential component of the Corporation’s work. Entrusted as stewards and fiduciaries of the Fund, APFC’s vision and diverse investment strategies complement the long-term investment horizon, ensuring consistent risk-adjusted returns over time. This is the work done every day by APFC’s Board and Staff as we strive to safeguard and wisely invest the Fund for the benefit of Alaskans today and for generations to come.