FY19 unaudited Fund Value of $66.3 Billion and a Performance Return of 6.32%

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The Alaska Permanent Fund’s investments returned 6.32% in value for fiscal year 2019.  With the close of the state fiscal year, the Total Fund Value as of June 30, 2019, is $66.3 billion (unaudited).

The value of the Principal totals $47.8 billion, it includes $41.5 billion in constitutionally protected deposits and $6.3 billion in unrealized gains.

For the same time period, the value of the ERA totals $18.4 billion, it includes $10.1 billion of accumulated realized earnings and $5.9 billion of committed realized earnings ($1.9B partial POMV to GF and $4.0B to the Principal per HB39), as well as $2.4 billion in unrealized gains.

A full review of the Fund’s portfolio and returns will be provided at the Annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees scheduled for September 25-26, 2019 in Anchorage.