Deven Mitchell selected as APFC’s Executive Director

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Juneau – The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation Board of Trustees selected Deven Mitchell as Executive Director to work with the Board in setting the strategic vision and direction of the Corporation, fulfilling our corporate mandate to manage and invest the assets of the Permanent Fund and other funds designated by law.

Deven Mitchell brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to APFC, having extensive experience with financial securities and working for the Alaska Department of Revenue since 1992. Deven’s family roots run deep in and throughout Alaska. He and his wife Erin reside in Juneau, where they raised their two sons. His service as Alaska’s debt manager as well as Executive Director and Treasurer of the Alaska Municipal Bond Bank Authority, a public corporation of the State, provides a solid foundation of fiduciary duty. As Acting Commissioner of Revenue and a serving Trustee, Deven declared his candidacy during the annual meeting and was excused from the Board’s selection process. It is also important to note that he applied for this position in late July, well before being appointed the Acting Commissioner of Revenue.

The APFC Board of Trustees made this selection at a public meeting on October 3 in Juneau and via teleconference. The selection is contingent on the successful negotiation of a salary and benefits package, and a start date is yet to be determined.

The Board of Trustees and staff welcome Deven Mitchell and look forward to his leadership and public service to the Fund and Corporation on behalf of generations of Alaska. Deven will help build upon and enhance APFC’s mission-driven, dynamic investment management of Alaska’s valued renewable financial resource.

The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation would like to thank all the candidates for their interest in the position and for giving time to this process and sharing valuable insights. The Trustees also thank Acting Executive Director Valerie Mertz for her steadfast commitment and consistent, capable leadership through this transition.