Board of Trustees’ Response to Ongoing LB&A Investigation

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As Alaskans, we can all agree that the investment and management of the Alaska Permanent Fund must be held to the highest of standards – those of fiduciary duty, uncompromising integrity, political independence, and straightforward accountability. In accordance with these standards, the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation, our Trustees and our Staff are fully committed to the long-term interests of the Alaska Permanent Fund and the public that we serve.

As an independent public corporation, it is essential that we proceed in a manner that protects the organization’s integrity and supports the long-term interests of the Alaska Permanent Fund. That said, the Board also acknowledges the important role the Alaska Legislature plays in enacting and amending the state laws that provide for the Board’s core governance and investment responsibilities. As such, the Trustees have informed the members of the Legislative Budget & Audit Committee that they are willing to voluntarily appear in a public session before the Committee and answer questions regarding: (1) the Trustees’ decision to remove Angela Rodell as the Executive Director; and (2) the processes used by the Trustees in its annual performance evaluation of the Executive Director.

Because the Legislative Budget & Audit Committee’s audit and investigation authorities are designed to inform the Legislature of the possible need for statutory changes, the Trustees feel strongly that this discussion should happen in open public meetings before the members of this Committee.