Alaska Permanent Fund Returns for the first quarter of FY20

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The Alaska Permanent Fund’s (Fund) investments gained 1.24% during the first quarter of the fiscal year 2020 (FY20), and the Fund ended September 30, 2019, with total assets under management valued at $64.1 billion (unaudited).

… In assessing the Fund’s FY20 Q1 performance, APFC’s Chief Investment Officer Marcus Frampton, CFA, CAIA, FRM notes that: ” … In the context of turbulent markets and a constantly changing landscape, I am pleased with this performance and believe that the portfolio is well-positioned to outperform going forward.”

… For planning purposes, APFC references both a current fiscal year and a 10-year forecast for the projected return of the Fund that is provided by our performance consultant, Callan Associates. It is understood that there will be a wide range of returns delivered by each asset class to the total Fund performance over any given time. Callan Associates projects a total return of 7% over the next 10-year period for the portfolio that APFC has constructed for the Fund.  …  It is accepted that actual results for individual years will be higher and lower, but it is expected that they will average to 7% over the forecasted period of 10 years.

… Performance overviews and updates for each asset class will be presented by Callan Associates and APFC’s Directors to APFC’s Board of Trustees during their quarterly meeting on December 3-4, 2019, in Fairbanks. The public is welcome to attend the meeting in person or via webinar, and the agenda will be posted on one week in advance of the meeting.

Full News Release FY20 Q1