Alaska In-State Private Equity Managers Provide Investment Insights

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The Alaska In-State Private Equity Program has recently received increased attention. The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (APFC) and the independent managers of this program understand that Alaskans are interested in learning more about how the assets of the Alaska Permanent Fund are being invested in our State.

APFC, however, is also obligated to ensure that the disclosure of this information is consistent with requirements of Alaska law, including Alaska Statute 37.13.200, which requires APFC to maintain the confidentiality of records that contain proprietary information. Maintaining the confidentiality of a private company’s business information is not just important to the companies that the Permanent Fund invests in; it is also important to investment returns of these Permanent Fund investments. So, while we agree on the importance of disclosures related to the use of state funds, we also recognize the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of this proprietary information, the disclosure of which could undermine the success of these companies and the Permanent Fund’s investments.

To this end, APFC has been working with our two In-State Private Equity Program external managers, Barings, LLC and McKinley Capital Management, LLC, to voluntarily disclose additional information regarding the investments of this program, to the extent that such disclosure would not harm the investment returns or the underlying investments within this program.

Provided in the link below is a summary by both managers of the investments they have made under this In-State Private Equity Program.

20220204_APFC In-State Private Equity Managers Provide Investment Insights