$80 Billion Milestone Daily Fund Value

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Today we take a moment to celebrate and reflect on our path through the global uncertainty, volatility and resilience we’ve seen over the past year. While Alaskans have stood strong together, as a state-wide community, we have adjusted and adapted our lives and our strategies to succeed in a changed world, and we are proud of our achievements.

Our reason for celebrating is the growth in the daily value of the Alaska Permanent Fund, which exceeded the $80 billion milestone for the first time based on the close of the market yesterday, May 27th.

While heralding this daily number and momentous milestone of the state’s most valuable renewable financial asset, it is important to recognize how the daily numbers differ from those of on our monthly statements.

The Daily Market Value does not have the benefit of the month end reconciliation calculations. It does reflect investment related liabilities, such as pending purchases – but does not reflect obligations such as income distributable to the State of Alaska (remaining FY21 POMV of $492 million), accrued operating expenses, and accrued manager fees. When we report and post a monthly Fund balance, based on the reconciled Financial Statements – the month end liabilities have been fully accounted for and deducted from that balance.

With one month remaining in Fiscal Year 21, which ends June 30, we understand that there is still unresolved uncertainty in global markets and things can change. APFC’s skilled team will continue to use their expertise and knowledge to successfully navigate through potential volatility, in order to follow through on our mandate to deliver outstanding returns for the benefit of all current and future generations of Alaskans.

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