Ten years after Alaska achieved statehood, oil was discovered on the North Slope and the young state was suddenly rich. To save some of this non-renewable resource for future generations, Alaskans voted to create a Permanent Fund. The first deposit was $734,000. After 40 years of wise management, APFC has grown the Permanent Fund to more than $81 billion. Want to know how we did it?


With the understanding that Alaska’s new oil wealth would not last forever, residents created the Alaska Permanent Fund in 1976 so this non-renewable resource would provide benefits to current and future generations. Four years later, the Alaska Legislature created the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation to prudently manage the Fund, which has now grown into Alaska’s largest financial asset. Explore our history, investment policies and safeguards and check out curriculum for use in schools.


The Permanent Fund has two parts: the Principal and the Earnings Reserve Account (“ERA”). Both are invested together using the same asset allocation, but they are very different in how they can be used by law: the Principal is permanent savings, the ERA is available to spend.

Renewable financial resource

In both the Alaska Permanent Fund's creation and stewardship, Alaskans have successfully converted non-renewable resources into a renewable revenue stream of intergenerational wealth. This has been accomplished by permanently saving a portion of Alaska’s natural resource royalty, protecting its long-term value, and investing it in a well-diversified portfolio of income-producing financial assets.


Fund Management

APFC is a team of financial and legal professionals. It operates as a separate state entity under the oversight of an independent, professional Board of Trustees, who serve as fiduciaries of the Fund. The Board sets investment policy, reviews the portfolio’s performance, and works with management to determine APFC’s strategic direction.

Watch these videos to learn more about how we manage and invest the Alaska Permanent Fund.

In The Classroom

We hope that the resources provided here and throughout our website will be useful in helping you teach about the Alaska Permanent Fund and the Corporation that manages and invests these assets for all generations of Alaskans.

This section includes a presentation and three quizzes for secondary level students.  We recommend that teachers instruct students to use the web site to research the answers. An Alaskan's Guide to the Permanent Fund is also a valuable resource.

AN Alaskan's Guide to the Fund

Alaska is more reliant than ever on the Permanent Fund. We are pleased to present the 2020 edition of "An Alaskan's Guide to the Permanent Fund."

This booklet offers the basics on the Alaska Permanent Fund, its history, how APFC manages and invests these assets, and its essential role in Alaska's future.