The Board of Trustees

Officers and Committees

Alaska Statute 37.13.050 requires the Board of Trustees to elect a Chair annually from among its members. The Governance policies of APFC require that the Board of Trustees establish an appropriate committee structure and necessary governance policies to ensure effective operation of the affairs of the Board. APFC has established an Audit Committee and a Governance Committee, to which the Board of Trustees’ Chair annually appoints members.

Standing Audit Committee

Marty Rutherford | Chair

Sheldon Fisher

Craig Richards

The role of the Audit Committee

To monitor the integrity of the financial reporting process and the system of internal controls and procedures regarding finance, accounting, and legal compliance;

Review the performance and independence of the APFC’s external auditors; and

Provide an avenue of communication among the external auditors, management, the Chief Financial Officer, and the Board.

Standing Governance Committee

Carl Brady | Chair
Bill Moran
Marty Rutherford

The role of the Governance Committee

The Governance Committee reviews the Board of Trustees Charters and Governance Policies at least once every three years and recommends proposed changes to the full Board for approval as necessary to ensure that the Charter remains relevant and appropriate.