How is the Alaska Permanent Fund Structured?

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The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation emphasizes transparency in everything we do, and we want Alaskans to know how to manage the Fund and what we’re planning for the future. Watch this short video that explains how it works and how it’s used to benefit all Alaskans.

How Does APFC Make Money for Alaska?

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Stocks and bonds are just two of the ways we invest the Permanent Fund to make money for Alaska and grow the Fund. Watch this video to learn more about what we invest in – and don’t be surprised if it’s somewhere you’ve been.

What is the Alaska Permanent Fund?

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The Permanent Fund can be tricky to understand. As a corporation dedicated to managing this fund, we put together a video to help you understand Alaska’s greatest financial asset – and where it came from. Check back later because we’re putting together videos on a series of topics to help you understand the Fund, its role in Alaska and more!

2020 Annual Report is available

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Fiscal year 2020 started out very promising but by midyear the Fund’s investment staff decided to shift to a more conservative position with an overweight in asset allocation to bonds and cash. This proved to be a very prescient move when global markets crashed in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through prudent management and opportunistic positioning, the Fund recovered most …