APFC Welcomes Trustee Crum

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APFC welcomes Adam Crum, Alaska Department of Revenue Commissioner, to the Board of Trustees. Trustee Crum is a lifelong Alaskan with significant public and private sector experience in strategic management, organizational development, and executive consulting. He brings to the APFC Board a proven commitment to community, dedication to public service and respected leadership abilities. In his role as a Trustee and fiduciary of the Alaska …

APFC welcomes Deven Mitchell as Executive Director

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APFC is pleased to welcome Deven Mitchell as Executive Director (ED). Together with APFC’s Board of Trustees, leadership and staff, Deven will work to ensure that the Corporation achieves its mission of prudently investing and managing the assets of the Alaska Permanent Fund. “Knowing the importance of the Permanent Fund to all Alaskans, I’m honored to have this opportunity to …

Deven Mitchell selected as APFC’s Executive Director

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Juneau – The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation Board of Trustees selected Deven Mitchell as Executive Director to work with the Board in setting the strategic vision and direction of the Corporation, fulfilling our corporate mandate to manage and invest the assets of the Permanent Fund and other funds designated by law.

APFC’s Board Reviews Fiscal Year 2022 Performance and Looks to the Future

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Anchorage – The Board of Trustees met for their Annual Meeting this week to review the Alaska Permanent Fund’s investment performance for fiscal year 2022 (FY22) and hear strategic insights, including current market perspectives from the Investment Advisory Group, APFC staff and external investment partners. Chair Richards remarked that, “The past year has been challenging, and despite it all, the …

FY22 Annual Report: Perspectives

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The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation is viewed through many lenses – an investor, an accountant, a manager, a leader, a steward, a student, an Alaskan – each bringing a unique perspective on the value and potential of the Alaska Permanent Fund, a world-class financial resource. At APFC, our passion for investing, decades of financial experience, and steadfast commitment to our …

Welcome, Trustee Deven Mitchell, to APFC’s Board

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APFC welcomes the Acting Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Revenue, Deven Mitchell, to the Board of Trustees. Trustee Mitchell has long familiarity with the Fund and notes, “As a lifelong Alaskan, the importance of Alaska’s Permanent Fund has been clear to me since Governor Hammond described the potential to my third-grade class in the Capitol back in 1976.  It …

APFC’s Board of Trustees Meets in Advance of Annual Meeting

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Juneau – APFC’s Board of Trustees Audit Committee met on September 1st to monitor the integrity of the financial reporting process and the system of internal controls and procedures regarding finance, accounting, and legal compliance, as well as to review the performance and independence of APFC’s external auditors.   In line with state statute and our commitment to transparency, the Alaska …

FY22 Permanent Fund Performance Report

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Our Commitment to Alaska APFC’s long-term stewardship, prudent management, and diverse investment strategy ensure the Alaska Permanent Fund will continue to be safeguarded and wisely invested for the benefit of generations of Alaskans. Though we continue to find ourselves in extraordinary times, be assured that our staff is working at capacity and is fully engaged in managing the portfolio to …

APFC’s Board of Trustees hold Special Meeting to address talent recruitment and retention issues

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Juneau – The Board of Trustees held a Special Meeting in Anchorage and via webinar on July 12, 2022, to address long-standing APFC recruitment and retention issues, specifically related to salaries and incentive compensation. “We recognize that recruitment and retention of world-class talent are essential to the prudent management and success of the Alaska Permanent Fund,” said APFC Board Chair Craig …

APFC Welcomes Trustee Rubenstein and Trustee Brune

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The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (APFC) welcomes Gabrielle “Ellie” Rubenstein and Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Jason Brune to the APFC Board of Trustees. Their service on the Board commences on July 1, 2022. As CEO and Co-Founder of an investment firm, Trustee Rubenstein brings extensive private equity, investment management and corporate experience to the Board. Trustee Rubenstein also …